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Safe & Sophisticated Railings for Your Beautiful Place

Railings are a requisite for every space, be it commercial or residential. In fact, we cannot even imagine how the world would look without railings – such a nightmare! Every individual standing on the edge of their porch would have a risk to fall, toddlers won’t be able to climb up the stairs, and the elderly won’t have support, and so on! 


Well, you should never underestimate the importance of railings and always invest in the ones that are super solid, safe, and elegant at the same time. So, here we are, Ironwood Stair and Rail your stainless steel railing contractor, Calgary to provide you with the A1 railings! 


We offer a complete solution of railing systems and you have an amazing variety of colours, designs, material, and style options to choose from. Also, we can provide you with customized railing, depending upon your requirements.

What Makes Our Railings Unique?

  • Stylish & Safe

We understand the need for railings in your space. In addition to providing safety, they need to look amazing too as they play a great role in the area’s aesthetics. At  Ironwood Stair and Rail, you can easily find the perfect solution for your home, office, or any other space. 


  • Versatility

From modern to basic to innovative, and more, you get a plenty of railing systems to choose from. Plus, our customers can select among the various colours or share their custom designs, if they have any in their minds. 


  • Highest Quality Materials

At Ironwood Stair and Rail, we make sure no matter how simple or fancy a design is, we never compromise on quality of our products. Whether you opt for stainless steel railings or glass railing or any other, our team ensures it’s durable and solid enough to keep your place safe. 


  • Affordable

We’re committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations in all possible ways and thus aim at offering world-class railings and exceptional services at reasonable costs. Our prices are low and would easily fit your budget too. 

The Ironwood Process

We provide stainless steel railings for commercial areas, residential places, balconies, patios, decks etc. 


Here are the steps followed by us while designing railings.


  1.         Hear Our Clients Needs

The first and foremost step for railings at Ironwood includes listening to our valuable customers, understanding your requirements, and going through your place in order to suggest the best designs or type of railings. 


  • Design

Whether you decide to select among our various designs or need to get specific and customized railing, we can provide you with it all. Also, you have an option to choose between stainless steel railing and glass railing.  Once you approve, we move further with the process.


  • Estimate

After understanding your expectations and finalizing the railing best suited for your place, we give you an estimate and let you know how much the entire project would cost you. 


  • Welding & Manufacturing

Once it’s all confirmed by your side, we start creating/customizing your selected railing design and work on it. Our skilled team makes sure it’s perfectly done and the welding, manufacturing, and coating are absolutely up to the mark. 


  • Installation

Finally, it’s time to put the railing in your place. Our team of professionals will visit your place, and ensure the railing is fixed in a proper manner. 

You Can Count On Ironwood for Custom Railings

Ironwood is one of the top providers of custom railings suitable for stainless steel and residential areas. We pride ourselves in offering products that are not only attractive and look amazing but are long-lasting and crafted with superior quality materials.


We understand that items such as railings are a long-term investment and thus offer styles and designs that are exclusive, won’t be outdated, and will always make your place look gorgeous.  Moreover, we keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and customer’s demands and always work on creating better styles too.


Our team of experts is committed to exceeding the client’s expectations. They have a keen sense of detailing and make sure all our clients leave with a smile on their faces! Additionally, our items come with a warranty and are affordable too.


Get in touch with us today and inquire about our awesome range of stainless steel railings, glass railing, and more. 


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