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Spiral staircases are often considered luxurious steps adding a classy touch to any kind of exterior or interior. Whether it’s a huge entrance hall or a simple and small back entryway, these staircases have the potential to transform the way a space looks. 

Whether you’re looking for stylish stairs for a beach house or attic or living room or multistory building or recreation or outdoors or for a residential or commercial place, you can find them all here. 

What Makes Our Spiral Staircases Special?

We pride ourselves on providing the best spiral staircases in Calgary. 


Beautifies Your Place

That’s the beauty of a spiral staircases – it makes even a simple area look amazing! With our custom services, we make sure to offer you the best solutions and provide you with the staircases set that amplifies your space’s vibe. 


Exclusive Designs

At Ironwood, we offer our customers plenty of options to choose from. Our exclusive designs make everyone fall in love with them. From various colours to styles to material and more, you can select what you think is the best for your place.


Made With Perfection

We believe in high-grade construction and thus for that make sure to use the highest quality materials for our products. Moreover, we source our construction material only from the best suppliers for your stairs, decks, etc. 



Every client is unique and so are their preferences. Hence, in addition to offering our designs and staircases styles, we can also create a spiral staircases selected by you. Whether you have a picture or just have an idea in mind, our skilled team can bring put your dream design into reality! 


Why Choose Us?

Spiral staircases are more than just a structure allowing people to get from one place to another. How you have it constructed will affect how people feel at your place. With guidance from an expert, you will be one step closer to finding the right spiral staircases design for your building.

Ironwood adds to every design a personal touch. This way, our contractors construct stairs that set the stage for space. Our long-lasting and low maintenance work will keep things pocket-friendly too!

Get in touch with us today, and let our experts be your perfect guide for a lovely spiral staircases!


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