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Glass railings, if done correctly can add that extra oomph! to your staircases and elevate the overall look and feel of your household. Glass and metal railings are considered as the pinnacle of railing aesthetic and design nowadays. Add that extra secure layer with our tempered glass and minimize risk in the safety of your home! At Ironwood you get the best-in-class, state-of-the-art railings made from high quality materials. Our professionals will take care of your every little need and add unseen aesthetics to your home!

Fast Deliveries And High Quality Materials!

We here at Ironwood ensure that you get the fastest deliveries in the business. This is possible by sourcing materials from local sources, which results in a boost to the local economy by providing them growth and also faster deliveries because everything is manufactured right here in Calgary! Installation of glass railings with aluminum fittings are now fitted with lightning fast speeds and best in class service!

Customizable Options and Material Selection

We offer a long list of materials for you to select from including but certainly not limited to wrought iron, aluminium, wood, and tempered glass! These materials are of course sourced locally and are high quality!

We here at Ironwood strive to provide you with the materials that you deserve! We even provide you with customizable options, which allow you to craft basically infinite numbers of combinations with different materials. You like wood with glass? Say no more! Steel with glass? Not a problem! Our experts will evaluate your needs and lying space and recommend you designs which will elevate your aesthetic and give your staircases a new shine!

DIY Maintenance Compatible Service!

Maintaining your staircases and railings has never been easier because here at Ironwood, we ensure that all our staircases and railings have been designed in an ergonomic way that provides minimal unwanted crevices, nooks, and crannies in which dust particles, insects, or even rodents can reside in.

Best in Class Service With Ironwood Right At Your Doorsteps!

About Ironwood

At Ironwood, our clients are our priority, and we pride ourselves on our ability to treat your unique needs with care. 

We ensure that each of our materials and designs matches industry-standards whilst our experts guarantee that you have a smooth installation process. Moreover, you can get a free consultation and quote estimation for both business, commercial, and residential projects, and we revert back in 24 hours with a plan in mind. 

So, contact our experts today, and we promise you a splendid job!


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